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Here is a comprehensive list of questions that customers ask Alpine movers and Packers. Read this section with attention, and most probably, you will get your answer without moving a single step.

How can I hire Alpine movers and Packers?

It is very easy to hire or book your moving set up from your home. On every page, you will find an option to contact us or hire the team. You only have to click on any of them, and our company representative will be there for you. The process is super simple, even if you are hiring any movers and packers first time in the life.

Do you offer instant moving services?

Yes, you can find our services on an instant basis. But it is only possible when our team is free to move with you and start work. Sometimes, Alpine movers do not provide quick services as you hire us on the day of moving. It is because we have to make a schedule before start working on any of the projects. Therefore, it depends on whether the movers are ready and free to work for you.

How long will your team take to move my business or home?

There is no fixed time unless an expert on our team will visit the place. He will come to you and analyze what you want to pack and move. After this, we can estimate the exact time you might have to reserve before starting the process. The time directly depends on your business or house furniture magnitude. It will take a short time to move some items, while it may take more than a week to move an entire organization from one city to another.

What are the criteria of Alpine movers to decide a price package?

There are various factors that the team has to analyze before finalizing the price. It includes the distance that you want to cover. Time duration will also affect the price of the entire package. Further, the set of services will increase the price package if you are looking for something extra. In the last, the storage service will add some amount to the package too.

Do you have any warehouse to store our furniture and luggage?

Yes, Alpine movers have multiple warehouses. The team will store your furniture there if it is a time-consuming process. We will keep your items secure inside that warehouse to avoid any loss from our side. Similarly, our team of experts will import and export the furniture from the warehouse to transport it to your given destination.

Can I get some items from your warehouse in case of urgency?

Yes, we will give you access to the warehouse where your items are stored. You can go there with the required documents and get your items quickly. For this, you have to take an identity document to ensure that the person who wants to check in is authentic. This section is introduced to avoid any unexpected conditions in the future regarding loss of items.

What factors I have to complete on my own?

Our mover’s team is only responsible for packing and moving items that you have mentioned in the list. No one will move anything that is not added to the list at the time of contract signing. Further, the movers will not do any task related to electrical lines, plumbing items, or any other like them. You should have to hire a concerned person to do this job before the movers and packers team’s arrival. The delay from your side will be charged extra.

May I cancel the booking with a 100% refund?

No, you can not do this at all. Alpine movers will charge you a cancelation fee according to your project’s budget. You would have to pay that amount for the cancelation of your job. In fact, you can reduce that fee by changing the date of the moving process. In this case, you also have to give a little fine for rescheduling your project. It may also take some time because the team will have to check whether the members are available or not.

Will I need to pay the full amount in advance?

Normally, the company takes the complete payment once, i.e., while signing the contract. In some cases, you can pay 50% of the total charges while signing the document. The remaining 50% should be cleared before the day of moving your office or house. In case of any remaining payment, the process will not be started unless you have informed us and both parties are agreed on this.

How to contact Alpine movers instantly for any issue?

Being a service provider, our foremost duty is to provide comfortable feelings to our customers. For this, we assure the quality of our workers and maintain it for better outcomes. In case of any issue, you can contact us using the email given on the Contact us page. You can open a dispute or complaint about any service that you feel is below the mark.

How to pay for my moving project?

You can make a payment by going to the Alpine movers and Packers Dubai office. You would only have to sign the contract along with your payment. Further, you can process the payment from your house using your credit card. You will only have to fill out the form available under every service or package. Just fill it in with the correct information and submit it along with your payment method. In a few minutes, your payment will be processed. You will get a mail that your job has been scheduled.

Should I need to present during the move?

It all depends on your choice. You can come with the team and instruct them if you want. But if you have no time, just leave the place and go to your work. The team will work accordingly and pack everything that you have mentioned in the list. You can come back or ask the team to move after loading your furniture. Alpine movers will not force you to stay there while the team is working.

How many days should I have to book?

The booking should be made as soon as possible before the day of moving. You can book anytime when you want, but it is good if you have made a deal with us at least 7-10 days before the actual day. If you contact us just before the moving day, we will have to check whether the team is available or not.

What happened if there is a delay from my side?

Obviously, you will be charged extra in case of any delay or rescheduling of the job. The package will not include any time wastage like delay in the time or anything else. You would have to pay a fine in case of any delay from your side as our team will be ready for you.

Will you take your packing boxes with you?

Alpine movers provide a complete package that includes packing boxes, workers, and vehicles. It is up to you which package you are selecting for your project. If you have selected a package with boxes available, then we would surely come with our boxes. But if you have made a deal without boxes, you would have to provide your boxes for your furniture packing.

Is it compulsory for your team member to come and check the house before work?

Yes, it is essential for an exact idea about payment and duration. We will not be able to provide you with the right estimation of budget and time. An expert on our team will visit your house to look at the magnitude of furniture and give you the right budget for that. We will not recommend you estimate it on your own because it may be harmful to you.

Would I come up with a separate list of expensive items?

Yes, we demand a separate list for all sensitive, expensive, and dangerous items. The list will include jewelry, glass products, explosives like gas tanks, and other products having such dimensions. It is because we do not want to experience a single unexpected condition in the field. The life of our employers will be at risk while working with such products without precautions.

Will you pay me if there is a loss of my items?

Yes, you can check it out. We have fixed a specific amount that we will pay you in case of damage or loss of items. You can inform us about your expensive products and ask us to change the compensation amount for them. This is all you have to do at the start. In the end, no changes will be made to the compensation amount for paying you.

Do the packages involve vehicle services too?

Not every package will include this service. The service of the vehicle will be charged extra and separately. You will have to confirm it from the administration of Alpine movers before signing the document.

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