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Privacy Policy

Alpine movers understand your concerns related to your privacy. We considered your privacy the most important factor while making deals with you. Many people feel confused while sharing their details for making the deal successful.

That is why we are here to tell you about our privacy policy. You will get a perfect estimation of how we are going to use your data in business.

We are committed to using your data legally.

Alpine movers and packers will not use any of your data illegally. We will collect information from you and use it just for your project. We will not save your personal data for a longer time. It means that we will erase your data after the completion of the project.

Therefore, we would not be able to sell or share your data with anyone in the world. Our administrations will transparently use the data to reduce any confusion. We will use only adequate information and data from your personal one that is necessary for us.

Alpine movers will use no more data than our requirements.

Provide Fair Data for your project

We protect your privacy. Our actions will not affect your privacy and harm your strength. We only need fair dealings from your side. It means that you should provide us correct and proper information about your project.

All data you are going to fill in the file for the contract should be correct. There will not make a single mistake that may harm the experience between Alpine movers and the buyer. In case of any irregularities, the company has the right to take action.

The reason is that we need only fair and proper dealings with our clients. We can not take any risk to harm our integrity and client’s business reputation. So, you must provide accurate data that you are asking to provide.

What do we need while making a contract?

Alpine movers will only ask for particular information for working with you. The list is short, but you have to provide everything from that list. Our company will need your full name, address, email, and contact number first of all.

We will use this information to contact you for any queries. Further, the information will be used to keep you updated with our movement for your project. You will be asked to provide every single item that we need during the project.

Along with this, we will demand you to enter your credit card or any other financial card information. The reason behind this is that we may take action in case of any problem. There will be no complications for this step when the project is going smoothly.

We will also add a list of your household or business items that you want us to remove from that particular place.

  • For a quick look, you can check the following list.
  • Your full name and contact details like number and email
  • Payment information to process the payment for your project along with credit card details
  • List of household or business items
  • Details of any expensive item like jewelry
  • Particular list for any sensitive items like gas products or any other explosive materials

Alpine movers will collect this information from you and will not use it anywhere. We will use your data at any place after taking permission. The company will not use a single part of your data without your affirmation.


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