Terms and Condition

Alpine Movers - Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

Alpine movers has specific conditions to start the work on any project. You must know all of these before signing the contract for your project. All these terms and conditions are final for all clients. Any adjustment after the deal regarding your job will not be entertained.

Therefore, you should read the following sections carefully to avoid any unexpected conditions. Read every section carefully and make everything clear before making the documentation with Alpine movers.

Services Package

Each package available on the price or package section includes a specific set of services. Every package has specific job availabilities under the special price. You should read the package available before finalizing any of them.

The reason is that any extra work or task will include more charges. Being a contractor, you should have to pay that without making any delay. No adjustment regarding service or price will be made after signing the document between you and Alpine movers.

You should check the quotation and package details from that specific page. After analyzing your requirements, you should choose the most appropriate package.

Legal Property

Everything in the house that you want Alpine movers to remove from that place should belong to you. Being a trusted person, you should have to guarantee that every single item belongs to you. In case of any legal issues, the company has the authority to take any action against you.

Further, you should have to provide a complete list of furniture or other items. No other thing will be packed, removed, or moved beyond that specific list. That is why make sure to add every item that you want to remove from your list.

In case of any important documents like your property paper, job paper or any other like these, you should do something extra. You should have all such documents signed by concerned authorities to avoid any legal problems for you and us in the future.

Any important document without your and administrations signed will be packed and shifted with you. Any electrical appliance that you want us to pack and move should be cleaned. The company will not be responsible for any material or precious items in any device.

What you have to consider separately in items?

Any dangerous or sensitive items should be considered separately. For example, if you want to shift any electrical machine, you should inform the Alpine movers administration. In short, any item of sensitive dimensions will not be packed without signing the proper document before starting.

This section includes a vast list including gas bottles, expensive jewelry, watch, glass appliance, and some others. Before starting the work, you should inform the team to take care of any sensitive item in your place.

Our Insurance policy

Alpine movers do not know what the exact values of your items are? We have fixed insurance value as compensation for providing your insurance services in case of loss. If you have expensive material than that fixed amount, do let me know at the start.

We will adjust it accordingly. But if you have not told us at the start, you will get that fixed amount. Not a single penny will be given to you extra than that amount.

Cancelation Conditions

Alpine movers is not responsible for any cancelation from your side. If you want us to cancel your job or reschedule it, we will charge a fee for that process. The cancelation or replacement fee is not fixed, but you will get to know before signing the document.

It will be a specific percentage of the amount of the entire project. You would have to pay that amount to the company in every case. Further, you can reschedule your trip with a little fee instead of cancelation.

The above terms and conditions are compulsory for everyone. You can read about them carefully before making a contract. Before signing the document, you should clear every factor without any hesitation

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